Why businesses should care about rich media ads

Why businesses should care about rich media ads
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Have you visited a website and have come across an advertisement that expands when you hover over it ? Or an ad in the bottom right corner that you can scratch to reveal more of the message? These are called the Rich Media Ads. While Rich Media isn’t necessarily new in the game, but in recent years, they are increasingly being seen as one of the most powerful, most opted and highly beneficial types of advertising. Brands love Rich Media Ads as they aid in increasing brand performance and open numerous doors to engagement from audiences. If you’re looking to expand your business, using online advertising Rich Media Ads can definitely help you get there.

What is Rich Media?

Rich Media is a form of advertising that uses a wide variety of interactive digital media. It has videos, audio, images and can adapt to any size screen which allows mobile users to engage with these display ads allowing campaigns to give an enhanced experience to users and deliver far greater impact.

When used in advertising, Rich Media Ads attracts larger audiences and visibly stands out among the huge volumes of ads and copy.

The Three Main Types of Rich Media Ads

In Page Ad:

They usually show up in various areas of the webpage in rectangular forms.

Out of Page Ad:

They consist of pop-up or floating ads which will show up in front of a web page.

In Stream Ad:

These ads are used in videos either pre or post roll videos.

Benefits of Rich Media (Banner or Ads)

    • Increased Customer Engagement

Due to its communicative nature, a user interacting with a Rich Media banner ad, tends to remember the brand for a longer time. Rich Media has proven to really stand you out with its customer attention approach.

    • Higher Click Through Rates

Rich Media banner ads traditionally have higher click through rates as compared to other types of advertising. Higher the click through rate, the target website will more likely see a greater number of conversions which is usually the goal of most advertisers.

    • Endless Scope of Creativity

There are seemingly endless categories of Rich Media banner ads that can be used. By the virtue of these abundant display ad options, marketers can introduce new formats for brands to tap into fresh ideas and content for their audiences.

    • Brand Awareness

Today, it is all about engaging your customer and getting the desired attention for your product. Rich Media admirably complements this by including live streaming, videos, images to make user experience more fun and memorable.

    • Cater to Different Audiences

Rich Media allows marketers to mix up various types of content and bringing out what is best for your audience. When you create one type of ad for a certain audience and another type for a different audience, you are more likely to engage a larger number of people. For example, if you target an audience from different age groups, some may tend to like the video formats while others will respond better to text. This helps connect with audiences better with their preferred mode of communication.

Digital business owners are constantly looking for ways to engage their audience in their services through creative online marketing and advertising. We hope that this write-up was helpful in explaining the basics of Rich Media and how businesses can benefit from them.

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