Which social media platforms are the right fit for your business?

Which social media platforms are the right fit for your business?
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Do you remember the last time you had logged into your MySpace account? Did you even have a MySpace account? Millennials reading this right now, might end up searching about what we’re talking about!

To put into perspective a little bit of history, we would like to take you back to 2007, wherein MySpace was at its absolute peak with a market value of roughly $12 billion before Facebook made its presence felt and eventually overtook it as the most popular social media platform.

In today’s generation, it is vital for businesses to be strategic about their social media presence and are on the lookout for the most suitable media platform that gets them their desired audience and fetched them great revenues. We’re going to walk you through some of the most popular social media platforms for business.

  • Facebook

No. of Monthly Users: 3+ billion

Audience Type: Men and Women, Age 18-65

Arguably, the best social media app for business that is currently available on earth. But what is Facebook’s secret sauce that makes it the best? How is it generating so much income? The answer to that is Facebook ads.

Facebook has over 1 billion active users daily which kind of explains how it has become one of the best ways to find your target audience. Facebook is a lot more than just finding the right audience. The platform offers a great chance to interact with your prospective clients and engage with your community in a private or public setting. Looking at its strong fundamentals we could safely say that it will remain one of the best social media platforms to help grow your business.

  • Instagram

No. of Monthly Users: 1+billion

Audience Type: Men and Women, Age 18-60

Instagram is one of the youngest social media platforms out there and could almost be dunned as “overnight success” story. Within months of its launch, it got itself an audience crossing millions of users. And now, with a daily reach more than 1 billion of users, makes it a perfect app for brands and companies to target young, hip crowd. Instagram’s unique format allows it to engage in short format videos and aesthetically pleasing photos that does exceptionally well to appeal to a younger audience.

  • Twitter

No. of Monthly Users: 300 million

Audience Type: Men and Women, Age 18-50

Twitter had a brilliant marketing strategy with its character limit. Giving everyone a voice by limiting their noise. Twitter has seemed to engage everyone – be it businesses, celebrities, journalists, artists and even politicians. Twitter has been found to be a great place to grow your business as well as it is a platform that is full of opportunities and fresh content every single day while engaging millions of users every month. It can also be a powerful tool for building brand awareness and a strong community of your own.

  • LinkedIn

No. of Monthly Users: 300 million

Audience Type: Men and Women, Age 25-55

When we talk about professional space, no one can beat LinkedIn. It was one of the first modern social media sites that really evolved since the time it was launched. It has contributed a lot exclusively for professionals to revolutionize the way they represent themselves, seek opportunities and get hired for jobs. It also serves as a robust platform for producing and sharing content. LinkedIn also promotes usage of private and public communities that would be interested in your products and services. If you want to engage more people in your circle or provide knowledge about your brand, that’s the place.

While there cannot be a one sure shot response to the question of – “what’s would be the best social media platform for businesses”. It clearly depends on the company’s audience, their product/service and the amount of effort put into their social media marketing strategies. We hope that this article gave a brief insight into the social media platforms that will help to grow your business online. For any kind of digital assistance, get in touch with our experts at Responsive MTS.

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