Top Digital Strategies to Accelerate Growth in 2021

Top Digital Strategies to Accelerate Growth in 2021
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The ongoing situation of COVID-19 has severely affected the business world and fundamentally altered the way it conducts its operations. During this global pandemic, the internet saw some great marketing trends that could be a great opportunity for a budding marketer or a digital advertiser. If you are a business owner who is planning to increase engagement of your business, engage and retain customers, generate more traffic and revenue and eventually, take your business to the next level, the following business strategies might just be the game changer that could make your digital presence stand out against the competition.

  • Social Media to Engage and Retain
  • It is estimated that nearly 60-70% of the world population is using social media today. There presents an enormous opportunity for experimenting and expanding hands on social media and organizations should be ready to prepare and dedicate more resources in this direction. People have increasingly been spending more amount of time on the internet – be it for searching for products and services or engaging with the websites. This behavior created new opportunities for businesses to reach their audience in their desired way.

  • Automated Bidding in Google Ads
  • The next option would be considering the option of automating the Google Ad set ups wherein marketers and advertisers, constantly tweak and adjust their marketing strategies, keywords, and campaigns to extract the most of their advertising money. However, the catch is that tweaking comes with a cost of significantly higher fees.

  • Improved Communication of Availability
  • According to the “Advertising Mantra”, the availability of products and services is one of the crucial factors due to which customers switch to other brands. One of the easiest ways of ensuring availability is to increase the days of inventory on-hand of products or availability of timeslots of services.

  • Google Listings and Local SEO
  • For many small businesses, the most important thing to do is to ensure that the local listings are verified and kept up to date on various search platforms. This is crucial because the Google listings provide valuable information about your brand, services and geographic location and caters to an audience primarily on a local level. One tip to implement this is by ensuring that your geographic location services mentioned in the local listings of that area. It can help show your business show up in the “near me” feature.

  • More Engaging Content
  • “Content is the king”, It is all about interacting with your audience. Adding interactive elements to your website and social media is a great way to promote your business and provide value to your customers. It helps them engage with the brand and learn more about it. For example, if you are a beauty brand and are used to selling products online, adding a simple feature of “ask us” can help you provide value to your customers while also learning about what they expect from you.

Although the above digital strategies, do not represent the whole list but it is a great start to plan your 2021 calendar. These tips can help you increase your site traffic, generate leads, grow revenue, and reach your desired audience. We hope that this helped you understand the key elements of digital marketing strategies that can help you kick start your 2021. If you are new to this digital space and looking for assistance, get in touch with our expert at Responsive MTS.

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