What is it like to work in ad operations? Is it a good career choice?

What is it like to work in ad operations? Is it a good career choice?

Ad operations may appear to be a mundane job, with ad ops specialists glued to their computer screens 24/7. However, this is far from the truth because ad ops jobs are actually pretty rewarding with a variety of roles to suit varied interests. Professionals working in this field develop various technical skills and get to hone their analytical skills as well. More often than not, they work with other marketing specialists, project managers, and sales teams. Every day is different at ad ops establishments like Responsive MTS, with something new to look forward to and learn each day.

Before we delve deeper into the various nuances of ad ops, let us try to understand how organizations across the globe benefit from it. Going digital is the new mantra for businesses today, thereby pushing them to invest more in digital ad platforms. Digital ad spends of companies across the globe are increasing steadily, with the digital ad industry now worth close to $50 billion in revenues (half year) according to Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Ad Revenue Reports. Moreover, the industry is witnessing robust two-digit growth percentages. With no signs of slowing down and traditional media reporting only meagre growth in revenues, ad ops is the place to be! As more companies invest in online marketing, ad ops professionals can expose their brands to a whole new audience and generate more leads. These professionals can help brands establish a strong presence online and help drive their specific marketing goals.

The role of ad ops professionals has gradually evolved over the years to favour individuals with a will to learn. What started out as a tech role has developed into one of the most important marketing jobs in the advertising industry, with companies increasingly using ad ops specialists to manage their campaigns at an unprecedented rate. The industry is quickly diversifying into new areas that demand thought leadership in ad ops every day. Here’s a look at why a career in ad ops is genuinely worth considering:


  • You’ll get an overview of how the entire digital advertising industry functions

Working in ad ops means that you will get a great perspective of how the digital advertising industry works. Whatever your role, you will find yourself enabling marketing teams to execute campaigns, business development teams and even sales teams close business deals. You’ll be at the epicentre of it all and understand the different nuances of the digital industry. With the industry evolving at a rapid pace, things are sure to get more and more interesting by the day.


  • A perfect platform to grow your career

Working in ad ops will help you develop various skills that can carve a wide career path with plenty of options. The career growth opportunities are always exciting for ad ops professionals. If project management is your area of strength, you could see yourself transitioning into roles like an ad ops team lead/manager, project manager, media planning and buying. If you like client-facing roles you could take up client servicing, delivery, management, and quality assurance. If you have a keen eye for the business side of things, you could explore roles in business development, marketing, and sales. Consultants in mobile and social advertising also play a key role in the technical side of things.


  • For those who are up for a challenge

Ad ops has always been challenging. No matter how good you are with your skill sets, it forces you to develop lots of new ones. Ad operations interlink business groups and technical groups within a company. Hence, people who work in ad ops are among a rare breed that needs both excellent hard and soft skills to succeed at work.


On the technical side, you will get knowledge of how coding languages like JavaScript and Flash work as well as how to look for problems within the code and solve them. On the analytical side, you will learn how to work with data to answer questions. You will get a chance to familiarize yourself with a number of reporting systems regardless of your job function and use the more advanced features of Excel. You’ll need to have your feet firmly placed in both waters at the same time!


  • There is always something for everyone

There is a real demand in the digital media job market for people who are tech-savvy but are still able to work in a client-facing company. Ad operations roles come at all levels, from junior and executive to senior.

Even if you have zero experience you can start out in ad ops as a first job to learn the digital media industry, develop skills and gain valuable experience on your CV. A perfect first job for those who have graduated from college and want to work in the digital space. Ad ops will teach you how an ad server works, how to deal with clients and salespeople, how to read HTML, programmatic marketing and more.


  • A future-proof career

If you want job security in an exciting industry, then ad ops is for you. The industry is showing no signs of slowing down with double-digit growth rates thanks in part to the advent of mobile platforms. The industry is still in a nascent stage with plenty of roles across various platforms, paid social, mobile advertising, mobile video advertising, and much more.


  • Yes, it’s fun!

Working in ad ops is a blast. Benefits of working in ad ops include relaxed dress codes, later starts, a chilled out environment with plenty of bean bags, invites to industry events, and work socials and sponsored happy hours, just to name a few.


Responsive MTS’s operations centre in Bangalore plays host to innumerable table tennis & foosball tournaments round the clock, not to mention the other shenanigans. Outdoor activities and fun at work are also a regular feature here.

Ad operations specifically has never looked so bright, and anyone looking for

their first job would do well to consider it as a great place to start their professional lives. Write to careers@responsivemts to learn more.

Do not be misled by fake ‘Responsive Media’ reviews making malicious claims. Such responsive media job reviews or online publications referring to spam ad operations companies are completely false and are not to be associated with Responsive Media Tech Services operating out of India and the US.


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