Easiest Ways To Improve Your CTR

Easiest Ways To Improve Your CTR
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So, you have a website built, but nobody is visiting your website? You have tried everything, but nothing seems to work? The problem could be that you are not getting enough organic search traffic. Improving click-through rates sounds easy, doesn’t it? When you want to increase CTR, it is important to understand why you want to do so.

We all know that higher CTR means higher relevancy. And Google prioritizes relevancy. When your quality score goes up, more users visit your website. But how do you do it the right way?

When you focus on increasing CTR, one should not ignore the most important thing: Conversions and Conversion rate. Below mentioned are some of the easiest ways to improve your CTR and enhance conversions.

  • Displaying of Keywords in URL
  • The display URL is basically a part of your ad text, but most advertisers often leave it blank or just mention their website or business name. Instead, use it to include your keyword in the URL and enhance your relevancy at search engine results. It can help your CTR.

  • Usage of Symbols
  • If you have a registered or trademark company name, you should definitely look at using it. Putting the trademark or registered symbol in your PPC, will help increase your click-through rates. It can help you stand out from your competitor ads in SERPs. It also adds relevance to your customer outlook.

  • Practicing Headline Hack
  • This involves putting special offers in your headlines. Usually, we end up reserving the big news or special promotions for the descriptive text. Displaying them in your headlines, attracts users and they may click on it for discounts and offers. It is a great trick to attract more customers and increase your CTR.

  • Usage of Ad Extensions
  • Google likes it when you get a higher CTR. When someone clicks on your ad, they generate revenue and so, is in their best interest for you to get a higher CTR. Every marketer is provided with a diverse range of ad extensions to choose from that can take your CTR game to another level. Using ad extensions enables advertisers to take advantage of search engine results.

  • Knowing Your Audience Before Writing Ad Copy
  • The easiest trick of boosting your website’s traffic and at the same time ensuring that the traffic you are getting is the right traffic is by understanding how to reach your target audience. But how do you find your target audience? There are some simple ways to get to know your audience.

    – Find out your audience (blog sites, relevant or similar websites to yours, things that are generally searched on Google)
    – What type of service they are looking for? You can include that copy on your website to attract them.
    – What they do not want from you.
    – How they compare and choose products and services in your category. Make your content structure according to that.
    – Talk to your customers about valuable, remarkable, constructive, or bad feedback. Get to know their source of information.

The most critical thing is to get the traffic that is right for you. Do not focus on increasing the traffic just for the sake of more clicks. Keep your goal to increase the traffic to get more conversions! These are a few simple tricks that you can implement in almost no time. We hope that this write-up helped you understand how simple tricks can help you improve your CTR. If you are new to digital marketing and looking for some assistance, get in touch with our experts at Responsive MTS or leave your queries down in the comments section below!

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