Digital Process Automation – A Quick Roundup

Digital Process Automation – A Quick Roundup
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Digital process automation is vital to run a successful team at any organization. The process is all about getting rid of unnecessary work. To be precise, this transformation is about automating manual tasks to improve customer experience and enhance employee efficiency.
To get started, it is important to understand digital process automation, its many benefits, and some useful tools. But first, you need to know the key concepts of such a system.

Key Principles of the Digital Process

  • Automating customer tasks
  • Maintaining transparency across the processes
  • Creating an easily collaborative atmosphere
  • Triggering notifications and reminders

Benefits Of Digital Process Automation

  • Saves Time: By automating hundreds and even thousands of manual repetitive tasks in your company, you can save much time that can be spent on more important tasks.
  • Better Accuracy:Digital process automation can show you accurate results by eliminating situations where data could be misplaced, or certain steps might be bypassed during an operation.
  • Reduced Costs:Human labor is expensive. Automating processes not only improves employee efficiency but also saves money for the organization.
  • Adaptability:By implementing digital process automation, companies can quickly launch and scale new services to suit the needs of the market.

Digital Process Automation Tools

Here are a few digital process automation tools to get started.

  • Zapier
  • This is one of the easiest tools for process automation. The nifty software integrates with over 1000 apps to let you automate almost anything. The highly customizable filters prevent zaps from firing when you don’t want them to.

  • Process Street
  • Process Street is a powerhouse in process management. The tool has an integration system to create custom links and run checklists from inside other applications.

  • IFTTT is a personalized version of Zapier which is easier to use, but more basic in its capabilities. Instead of having in-depth filters or a wide variety of SaaS to choose from, IFTTT is a great personal automation tool. The nifty feature allows you to trigger a response to any kind of event.

  • Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow)
  • Power Automate is a mix of Zapier and IFTTT. The tool has a business focus similar to Zapier, while its sleek design and simplicity is much like IFTTT. With the enhanced functionality from recent releases, the software has gained traction for enabling the creation of workflows to support workarounds with every problem.

And finally…

Focus on what will benefit your customers, and ensure that the automation you create does not break due to technical errors. Digital process automation can be quite a boon to your organization. If you’re looking to capitalize on this new-age technique, get in touch with our experts at Responsive Media Tech Services.

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