5 Amazing Marketing Strategy Hacks You Can Start Using Today

5 Amazing Marketing Strategy Hacks You Can Start Using Today
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In the wake of COVID-19, products and services have moved online, and many employees are working remotely or in hybrid settings. If you’re a budding marketer or an ad strategist looking for new trends in the marketing world, there are many great insights emerging from this new norm. So what are the five key digital marketing strategies that can help your business engage and retain customers and generate more traffic and revenue? Read on…

1. Social Media To Engage and Retain
Almost 60-70% of people are using social media today, especially during quarantine. There is a huge scope for experimenting and expanding hands-on social media. Organizations should prepare and dedicate more resources to social media marketing in the coming years. This pandemic has drastically increased the amount of time people spend on the internet, which includes searching for products and services, besides engaging with the websites. This behavior is creating new opportunities for businesses to reach new audiences in their desired way.

2. Automated Bidding in Google Ads
With automated Google Ads, marketers and advertisers constantly tweak and adjust their marketing strategies, keywords and campaigns to extract the most out of their advertising money. The issue is that tweaking comes at a cost: more hours and higher fees. Automated bidding allows Google to automate prior moves and adjust your bid at regular intervals.

3. Improved Communication of Availability
According to the “Advertising Mantra”, the availability of products and services is one of the crucial factors customers switch to other brands. This can be handled in a few ways. An easy way to do this is to carry more inventory on hand or to offer more time-slots for services. For example, with more people working from home or remotely, many organizations that we work with are reallocating their staff towards daytime slots.

4. Google Listings and Local SEO
For small business owners, it’s essential to ensure that their local listings are updated and accurate on search platforms. Google listings can be a powerful marketing tool for local businesses. If you have a physical location, ensure that your business appears on local search sites. When people search for nearby businesses, it helps to show up in their results.

5. More Engaging Content
It’s all about interacting with your audience—adding interactive elements to your website and social media is a great way to promote your business and provide value to customers. For example, if you’re a beauty brand selling products online, adding a simple “ask us” feature can help you provide value to your customers while also learning about what they expect from you.

While these digital marketing trends do not represent the whole list, it’s definitely a great start to plan your marketing calendar. These tips can help you increase your site traffic, generate leads, grow revenue and reach your desired audience. If you’re someone who is new to the digital space and looking for assistance, get in touch with our experts at Responsive MTS.

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