3 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Content Online

3 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Content Online
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Your content is your blood and sweat as it’s a mix of your stories, experiences and insight. You’re passing on your experiential wisdom to the world. And how does that benefit you? Content can be used as a marketing tool to sell products and services. Content can also be monetized with advertisements.

If you’re someone looking to earn from writing, here are a few methods of monetizing your content. But first, understand the importance of this practice, differentiate between the options, and avoid a few mistakes while you are at it.

Understanding Content Monetization

Content monetization means utilizing your content as a tool for revenue generation. It can be generated in various ways. Your content can sometimes contribute to your earnings indirectly through leads. It can be earned through direct mediums, such as advertising the content or requiring payment for premium access.

Ways to monetize content

    Every content monetization opportunity flows into three main categories:

  1. Displaying Ads – Placement or Native ads
  2. Selling own products and services
  3. Paid content – paywalls

Displaying Ads

  • Placing Ad Banners On Websites

Placing Ad banners is one of the most popular content monetization methods. It is a form of advertising that uses a rectangular image stretched on either side of the page. These banners not only promote content, products or services, but also tend to directly link a page where the users can click and get the additional information, and possibly making a purchase.

Source: Forbes

Placing an ad banner on your website can get you paid when users click on an ad banner, or every time it is shown to them. Many digital publishers use Google Adsense to earn through ad banners. It’s a program that lets you display ads on your website and generate payments from user interactions.

Native Ads

This is the second most popular method of monetizing content through advertising. These types of ads blend into the content. Users don’t actually notice that they’re consuming paid ads.

Types of Native Ads:

Advertorial: It’s a form of content that looks like editorial content. It provides high-quality content with just the right spotlight into a product.

Another type of content monetization in advertising is Product Placement that is usually showcased in images and videos. It is a way of incorporating products and services into the content for generating revenue.

Using Affiliate Links also works as a great opportunity to monetize your content. Inserting external links into your content makes your material more informative as interested users would want to benefit from the information.

Selling Products and Services

When you have a successfully running stream of content, you can grow out an entire line of product or services. There are millions of opportunities to monetize your content, such as blogs, white papers, books, merchandize, and consulting services, among others.

Paid Content – Paywalls

Paywalls is one of the great ways to monetize your content as they offer exclusive access to readers through premium content that requires a paid subscription.

It is a great way to reach your audience that actually enjoys reading or consuming branded content.
Recent research has shown that the number of people paying for online content has increased over the years. Users are now more willing to pay for online content. Therefore, publishers use various kinds of paywalls methods to build their subscription packages.

Ad-Free Access

Paywalls contain a great feature of ad free content which comes with the subscription for the content. Readers can access the content uninterrupted.

We hope that the information in this blog post helps you build an effective revenue model by creating content. If you’re someone looking to expand on digital platforms and needs assistance, contact our experts at Responsive Media Tech Services or comment below! We are waiting to help you with your business goals.

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